Tottori Prefecture Tour

Tottori is a part of Japan that people don’t really see. It’s considered as a countryside prefecture.

The number one destination in Tottori is the Sand Dunes. It’s Japan’s largest Sand dune, and it looks like a mini dessert. It’s located near the beach, so it’s absolutely breathtaking. You can even ride a camel by the beach. No kidding. There are camels in Japan.

If you’re feeling pretty tired to go out, you can always go to your trusted Family Mart and grab yourself a treat. You can get spicy chicken, with omu rice and barebecue sauce, and a haagen dazs ice cream.


In Tottori there are many places that don’t have convenience stores nearby, so it’s good to stack up.

Next stop is Daishenso Farm. You can see very cute cows here, and a wonderful green scenery. The farm is famous for its milk. You can have all-you-can-drink milk. You can even grab an ice cream from their restaurant.

Next stop is Shirakabe Dozogun. This area has preserved buildings from the Edo and Meiji period.

Machiya Seisuian is also a great place to stay. There are many traditional restaurants here. Mochi is also very famous in this area. Mochi sahbu shabu is definitely the way to go. It’s a colorful feast of flavors, and it’s absolutely delicious.