Gifu Prefecture Tour

It’s important to go off the beaten path and explore rural Japan. Head on over to Gifu. It is translated as Crossroads Mound. It’s only a 20 minute train ride to Nagoya Station.

During the Sengoku Period there was a popular phrase: “Control Gifu, and you control Japan.”


It was used as a base in the past in an attempt to unify and control Japan.

Gifu is known for Gifu Castle on top of a mountain. You can stop by the Squirrel Village if you love animals.

You can also stop by the Gifu Great Buddha Statue, which is one of the three great Buddha statues in all of Japan. It measures 13.7 meters tall.

We also suggest doing Coromorant Fishing. It’s an ancient tradition that uses Japanese Cormorants to catch fish at night. It’s amazing what these ducks can do.

During the day, you can go to a cafe where you can see the cormorants up close.