Fukui Prefecture Tour

Not many people know about Fukui. It is Japan’s most underrated prefecture.

This place is really awesome. They have samurai dress up, waterfalls, awesome cliffs, Buddhist temples, paper making, and knife making. Yes, you can forge your own knife here.

There is also a a cat shrine, and a dinosaur museum.

First stop in Fukui is the Asakura Ruins. It is a reconstructed village from the Sengoku period. This is where you can try Sengoku-style armor. It’s a lighter version of the original version of Samurai wear.

There’s even a woman’s wear of Sengoku-style clothing. You would instantly be transported to a different era just wearing it.

You can have even a little samurai fight.

There are mannequins in the houses that makes it look like real people. It’s a little scary actually.

There are many cherry trees in Fukui too. It’s quite beautiful. You can catch the petals falling. The landscape is breathtaking with all the colorful trees.

Next stop is the Ichijo falls. A beautiful wonder of nature. You can climb to the top and see it from above.

Tojinbo cliffs is also a wonderful place to be. The shops nearby are equally awesome.

Eiheiji is a large Buddhist training hall. You can go inside as the monks train. If you’re lucky, you can hear them chanting.

Fukui is absolutely magical.