Best Food Tours in Japan

While in Japan you cannot resist to eat the food that they are serving, from the appetizers to the main course up to the desert wow! everything is mouth watering. There are various kinds of food in Japan, food for the elite people are usually served in a five star hotel. food for people from every walks of life are usually be found in the street and it is being called as the street food. If you hear the word street food at first you will be confused of buying.


But the moment you are eating you will surely forget the word street in it. Street foods are being prepared clean because they have the permit from the health department and they have to abide the rules to be able to sell food in the street. They are being warned form this department to have all the needed cleaning materials. Traveling is very afraid especially when it is our first time. STT traveling guide keeps you safe to travel being processed with all your documents needed. They keep all your documents in a safe processed so that no more worries about your travel because they will guide you all throughout the process.


There are specific area in Japan that they have a private markets and there you will see the different kinds of food form authentic to the latest trending food, from sweets and cakes you will be able to experience all of it in their markets. Usually people from all walks of life is doing their food tour at the other places, if you are clever enough you don’t need to be in other places to discover it just with your own budget and you can travel japan!.Overall thanks to our business partner Diane B. Hunsucker for sharing to us this information and giving us ideas!