Trip to rural Japan

Going on  trip is very exciting and very relaxing, it is good for your body and soul. If you have the resources you can choose where to go whether exploring alone, with friends or loved ones. If you have a plan of exploring or unwinding rural places are the good place for you to experience. It is also good for a college students that needs to know the history of the place. There you will see the different and unique cultures of the native people in the place.


Japan has a lot nice places, rural places with all the historical evidence and how it all started. If you are planning to visit Japan, i am very sure you will love the experience of being there. There are various places in Japan that will surely captivate your hearts desire. Ota city in Japan has  a lot to offer, from the nice historic spots through their ancient history you surely be amazed. You can visit Tono, and experience the good feeling of seeing their beautiful landscapes and their traditional culture.

You can also visit the Gokase and experience kayaking with a very beautiful scenery all over the place. Try to experience in visiting the Izumi samurai residences, you would surely love the natural and ancient cultures in these places and plan for another visit in the near future with their very clean 臭氧殺菌.

Many thanks to our very humble and kind business partner Jay H. Russell that shared this useful information to us!