Self-Guided Walk Tour of Japan

If you are in Japan for a vacation and out of curiosity you want to have a walk and see all the nice spots in the city,there is a specific guidelines and maps that will lead to where you want to explore and visit through walking. It is very good to walk in Japan since it has a various kinds of scenery, historical spots and you will be able to discover all kinds of good food all over the town.


Anywhere in Japan has so many nice places to stroll, if you want to familiarize the place where you are it is very good to walk just always remember to have money in your pocket and know the stations first because if you are new to the place there is always a possibility for you to be lost. You will experience that the very first time you decided to walk through the town and the feeling is very scary.

But after experiencing it all you would be happy because from that you will know many places,without commuting. Being in a place first time makes you feel very strange but after walking you will feel the need to do that always because from you will embrace the good nature and the 天然酵素 in that place. Meet a lot of people in your journey and knowing the restaurants to dine inn is a must.

My grateful thanks to our business partner that give this experience and ideas and also this information to us!