The good life in Japan: a traditional farm stay

In Japan,  you will experience different kinds of lifestyles and one of them that Japan can offer is the pleasure of living in a traditional farm way of living. With the help and the expertise of the architects and engineers they were able to build a place where you could stay and enjoy the pleasure of living like you are in a farm. From the style of the house how they are built up to the furniture that they are using it was like you are in a farmland.


Served with the traditional authentic various kinds of food to the tradition rice wine sake and the tea in every meal you have you are going to enjoy the lifestyle of a traditional farm land in a sophisticated way. With this kind of experience you feel like you are living in ancient old times on their houses. Eating all together with everybody is such a lot of fun, and you will be able to get this all in this place.


The tree houses are made with wood and it was connected with the native hard wood that is being  roughly made, you can use water from rain shower or from the natural spring, the comfort rooms are also built authentically just like the farm. You would love to be here in this place because it is just reminding you to live in a farm. Super super thanks to our business partner John R. Calhoun that shared this information to us! A good life for a better future. This is a motto use by 長照花費 life insurance company. They offer best services to take care people from harmful illnesses and diseases when they get old.