4 Ways To Save Money While in Japan

Japan is the third largest economy in the world, beating out dozens of other countries. That’s why it’s no surprise that staying in this gorgeous place comes at a price. However, there are ways around the expensive system.

Here are our top 4 tips to stay on your budget while in Japan.

1. Use the JR pass and its local counterparts

The JR pass is a ticket that you can use to travel around Japan via railway. You can use these on railroads and even buses, as long as they are owned by JR. It’s really the best deal you can get if you want to take the Shinkansen. There are however a few rules you must follow when buying this ticket. Also, it has local counterparts that are very friendly for your budget.


2. Rent a bike

If you’re just going around a 5km radius within your place. It is advisable to rent a bike. Not only do you get to enjoy the cool breeze blowing on your face, you also get a good exercise. Perfect to burn off that sushi you just ate. You don’t want to be gaining pounds when you get back home.

3. Take the night bus.

If you’re traveling long distances, it’s cheaper to get the night bus. However, the prices also depend on the seasons you’re traveling.



4. Stay at a manga kissa or internet cafe or family restaurant

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