Welcome to Rural Japan!

During my first time in Japan I had such a blast. At first it was very different and emotionally overwhelming. Japan is after all such a foreign country.

It is advisable to experience something old and something new. Like ancient areas like shrines and temples, and modern areas like Shibuya or Akihabara.

However, experiencing only Tokyo is only seeing one side of Japan. It is advisable to go to Kyoto where you will experience a whole new world. The countryside is a wonderful place to be.

And of course be curious about Japanese food. Sushi should definitely be on your to eat list. It’s not as expensive as you may think. There are kaiten zushis everywhere that offer cheap food.

You also have to try Japanese Sake. It’s absolutely delicious.

An activity you should definitely do is do Japanese Karaoke. You get to sing in a private room, so you don’t have to embarrass yourself in front of a lot of people.

The best time to visit Japan is spring or autumn. In summer it gets pretty hot, and in Autumn it gets pretty cool. Plus you get to explore the many different colors.

There are many ways to stay in Japan. You can stay in a capsule hotel, an apartment, or a hotel. You can even stay at a traditional Japanese home.

If you’re invited in someone’s home, always remember to take off your shoes.

One of the best ways to get around Japan is by train. A good tip is to get a rail pass.